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The challenge of uncertainty

The result of the EU referendum, whichever way you voted, or didn't vote, has been a shock, and a massive change to the world as we know it.  My own reaction was one of distress and mourning, for stability and security, for shared values, and for the belief I hold dearly, that we are always better together than apart.  My fears and grief were deepened by the SNPs inevitable call for a second devolution referendum, and the very real likelihood that this time, they will succeed.

 So what to do? Emigrate to Canada?  Move to Scotland?  Wear a big badge saying “it wasn’t me” or maybe, start talking to people to find out what this is all about.

 In the shock of Friday I found myself wondering:

“what is this challenging me to be?”

And this was a helpful question to ask myself. 

I felt first and foremost I needed to be grown up, to be reassuring, to communicate my own feelings and fears and to listen to others.  At first I needed to hear others’ fears and grief, and then as I became stronger, I was ready to sit with people who had voted leave, to hear why they believed this was the right option.  Hearing well thought out arguments for this decision helped, even if I didn't fully agree with them.

So what actions should I take?  In times of uncertainty our core values come to the fore.  What really matters to you?

I am passionate about our environment, so thinking about how I support the protection of our natural world once we leave the EU is of paramount importance.   I also believe in dialogue and understanding, and finding a peaceful, positive path through situations.  Other people may see trying to ensure that the Conservative party has a leader of integrity as a top priority.  Still others focus on reaching out to neighbours, friends and colleagues from other European countries to show that they are still valued and welcome. 

What would it be for you?

If nothing else, this referendum has shown that what we do matters.  Our actions have consequences, and this one will have consequences, good or bad, for many generations to come.

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