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Working Outdoors

Do you feel more alive, more connected, more grounded when outdoors?  If you find that you can connect to your feelings more easily when out in the open air you might like consider taking your therapy session outside.

Conventionally, psychotherapy takes place indoors, in a designated room, and this room becomes a safe place, a crucible for change.  I do my best to make the room I work in with clients warm, comfortable and interesting, as I place considerable importance on the environment in which therapy takes place.

However, an indoor room isn't the only place therapy can happen. Walking and talking outside, for some people, can be releasing and healing.  Instead of four walls our natural environment becomes our container, and together we will develop a highly relational way of working as negotiate the decisions that need to be made during each session (such as coping with changes in the weather, meeting people one of us know, finding that the path is steeper than we would like....)

Ilkley is surrounded by wonderful countryside, offering moorland, woods and fields.  It is potentially a great resource for anyone interested in exploring whether taking our therapy session outdoors works for them.  I know that I find peace and meaning in my own walks around the area, and I would like to include this in my practice.

If this is something that appeals to you, do contact me on 07866 323291 or email me.  

Our work together would start with several indoor sessions to establish what you would like to gain from therapy, and to talk through some of the likely issues that might arise when outside and how we might adddress them.  As we proceed we would review how it is working and might combine inside and outside work, depending on what works best for you.

Charges, contracting and terms are the same as for working indoors.